February 16, 2009

What is Multi-Domain Web Hosting?

How are you to understand multi-domain web hosting? This feature refers to a type of hosting that allows multiple domains, each one an independent address, and yet they each point to separate websites. All of these websites contain different file structures and are separate in the truest sense of the word. However, they are all hosted on one single client account. Now the level of quality service offered may differ according to web hosting companies. Some companies may provide dedicated IP addresses for each domain, while others do not.

Why would someone be interested in such a web hosting package? Usually, the motivation is economic. Multi-domain hosting gives a client several domain names at a discount price and an easy to manage account. Furthermore, when one has several domains that user can use sites for his own needs and still have enough domain names to allocate to the sites of clients or affiliates. You can see why there's a lot of money to be made here, since you merely pay your fee to the webhost but can charge your clients whatever you want. Some competitive web hosting companies are offering unlimited domain hosts with the purchase of one regular hosting account. All of the accounts are accessible through a master CPanel, which the user controls.

Multi-domain hosting is tied in with mini websites, a new online trend that is helping to generate traffic and sales. Some companies may even offer separating hosting accounts, if for marketing purposes or organization's sake, the author wishes to categorize websites. The advantage here is that the more domain names you buy, the more the web hosting company can give you in discounts. Some web services offer discounts up to 50% if you buy a certain amount of additional accounts.

When shopping for a web hosting company for multi-domain purposes, make sure that the website offers FTP access, CGI and Perl connections along with PHP and site statistics programming. Some web host providers will offer a variety of hosting plans, with Windows-based servers, as well as Unix or Linux servers, depending on their choice of technology and your needs.

Along with multi-domain capabilities, make sure that the provider you work with offers other standard features like high bandwidth, video and audio streaming and software for creating a professional page. Multi-domain web hosting may help you to increase your traffic so look into its potential as you continue your search.

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